If I had a million dollars, I'd donate half to Young Life and blow the rest on art.


My ideal Saturday night would be spent with 15 of my favorite people crammed into my teeny tiny cozy house; there would be burgers and board games and bets placed on the latest season of Survivor.


I love road trips, color and baseball. I love family dinners, cold days and whiskey. I love spontaneity, memoirs and reasonably-priced rugs.


Photo by Katie Mack


When I was 6 years old I couldn’t win a game of hide-and-seek for the life of me. My older brother was a relentless rule follower. Once the countdown began, he might as well have been gone for a week. I usually took to the floor of the closet—below the shelf that held my dad’s loafers and the repurposed cashew container full of loose change. When the seeker finished the countdown, they were lucky to have maybe 30 seconds of silence before my elation exploded. “I’m in the closet!” I would yell, and the game would be over as I erupted in a fit of giggles.


I was in it for the experience, for the sheer participation alongside those I adored. Today, I am still the same. I like to go places, to do things, but I don’t mind much whether or not any of it is actually seen or done.

As a human, and as a writer, I'm infatuated with the in-between and on-the-way. The quick moments missed and long stories skipped. Our world revolves around the arrival, the accomplished. It only listens to the loud. But I write the words of the waiting, the working and the seeking—the routines that live at low volume.

While in college, I did this as a writer and senior editor for the University of Oregon's independent newspaper, the Daily Emerald. I've also published work in Oregon Quarterly, the university's alumni magazine, and Little City Magazine, an online publication for young creatives that merges faith with artistic purpose. Beyond journalistic work, I was a copywriter for Honest Media in Mpls, MN, and have written ad articles for the real estate world.

Now, I am based in Eugene, Oregon. I work with teenagers by day and write by night. Whether you're interested in collaborating or just want to say hello, don't hesitate to reach out—I'm always up for coffee or happy hour or a walk around the block.